WEEKEND WEAR: Short Stripes

As I received my order from the Aritzia sale (bless them and their sales), I realized that all but one of seven items were striped in nature. Apparently I like stripes. It's my favorite print. The people packing up my stuff probably thought I was a captain of my own ship. I may as well build a ship based on my closet. OH well. This dress is the comfiest, and right now it's busy being adorable on it's own with white accents, but come fall I think it will be great with a leather jacket and ankle boots or even over my leather leggings! Sail your ship into fun this weekend friends; enjoy!

| dress - Talula by Aritzia | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe | sandals - Michael Michael Kors | bracelets - Stella & Dot, Joe Fresh | hat - from Mexico (similar below) | 


WEEKEND WEAR: Winery Wandering

First of all, this post is titled with the most thoughtful alliteration (the English geek in me always leaks into my blogging) so we are already doing well for the weekend haha. It is has been hot here for the last week to the tune of an average of 35 degrees. Pretty decent for Canada when most people think we don't have heat problems which always effects what you are going to wear whether you like it or not!
My personal summer mandate is to adventure, and also to be open to adventures in your own "backyard" when you can't go away for an extended time. I spend a great deal of time at wineries with my family, not always to drink their wares, but they boast the most stunning properties in the region that are open to the public at no charge. Perfect for a view that takes your breath away and a quiet moment to yourself.
Last weekend my mom and I stopped by Quail's Gate Winery to shoot some photos and my friend who works as a tour coordinator there had whipped up some truffle parm and garlic popcorn to sell in the shop by the bag. We took a bag (or two) to go and wandered about the grounds catching up together. I have embraced the culinary/wine culture in this region with all of me and I love learning about what we have to offer. What sights do you love close to your home? Have a wonderful weekend!

| blouse - TopShop Canada | necklace - Stella & Dot | watch - Michael Kors | shorts - Club Monaco | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe | sandals - Michael Kors | 


Picnic Pretty

One of the hallmarks of Summer for me is eating al fresco. It just feels right to eat what's fresh and eat it outside. It feels even better when you manage to create your picnic using products from your local market or general store. I am on a little holiday right now and tomorrow is Canada day (and we will be having a picnic or 3) so I shot a little picnic post last weekend with my parents.

It doesn't take a lot to make your picnic pretty so when I pack up I enjoy the process of imagining that I am setting my table, only outdoors. If prep is required I do it at home in the kitchen and then pack it up, but I tend to stick to foods that can be placed out on a board or in a bowl as is like berries, cheese, cold veggies and a baguette or crackers. I also like to use half frozen bottles of water for ice in the picnic basket; by the time you get to your destination you can eat the cold food and drink the cold water!

Lastly, I  make sure that I pack dinner ware that's appropriate for the destination; here we were at a rock beach so I kept everything paper and plastic (bring a bag to recycle and clean up)! My whole family loves extending the amazing summer days by having our meals outside, so make pretty picnics a frequent part of your summer experience this year!

| dress - Wilfred by Aritzia | sandals - Marc Fisher | beach ball, towel - Target | goblets, picnic bag, straws, basket liners, napkins - Oh Joy for Target | plates - IKEA | board, knife - Home Sense | 


We All Scream For Ice Cream

I'm so excited to be heading into a long weekend up here in Canada. Our nation's birthday celebrations take place on Tuesday this year so I actually get 5 days off in a row (unheard of haha). I've got a tennis tournament planned, beach time, and lots of family and friends coming in and out of our Okanagan doors in the next little while. I really believe in taking small trips and making your home into a place where you can create  mini adventures. It makes me feel better about often not having time or funds for a larger vacation and it's become my favorite practice to support local small business. These pictures were taken the family farm and general store Paynter's Market, a 5 minute drive from my house. They grow their own produce and fruit, but the store also acts as a place to bring in local wares of all sorts. The family has placed tables through out their orchard and encourages picnicking on site. Not the least of all these things is their ice cream counter; they even have gluten free, paleo, and vegan options this year! So make a break for it big or small this weekend; the spirit of adventure and love of life is in you! And in ice cream!

| hat - Urban Outfitters | necklace - H&M | tank top - Aritzia | shorts - French Connection | sandals - Sam Edelman | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe



Welcome to the weekend friends! I wore this outfit last Saturday when I got up extra early to browse the farmer's market in Penticton before heading to my tennis tournament which started at 8:30. So essentially it is the pinnacle of comfort as it served me in the car for a mini road trip down south, market meandering, and match prep. Nothing like beat up denim, the baggiest of sweatshirts, and a bag that just holds your money and your lipgloss (with SPF of course; I can attest to the fact that one should not wear shiny lipgloss in the sun without a protection factor. Ouch).

| leather baseball hat - Blush Shop | sweatshirt - Song of Style x Eluxe | tank - Wilfred Free by Aritzia | shorts - GAP | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe | shoes - Vans |