Holiday Dressing: Black and Red

Happy Wednesday! Classic me; I reverted back to the black on black. Although I prefer to see it as a canvas that makes other colors and accessories stand out, rather than being a depressing comment on apparel. I purchased this plaid wrap early in the Fall and wore it casually with jeans and rubber boots, but I always had pairing it with leather in the back on my mind when I picked it up. I chose a flat riding boot here because we were doing weekend exploring, but I think if you put a black or red heel with it and put your hair up it would elevate the look enough to be a different approach to dressing for a holiday party.

| hat - Urban Outfitters | sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs | turtleneck - Wilfred FREE by Aritzia | plaid wrap - Winners | leather leggings - Wilfred FREE by Aritzia | boots - Joe Fresh | bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs |



WEEKEND WEAR: Fall Wine Tours

Part two of our winery drive down to Oliver to visit some new spots and old favorites. Hester Creek is a family favorite wine. It sits atop a bench in the valley with a clear view up to Osoyoos and I absolutely loved it's old world feel. Baked tile roofs, a bistro with vines framing and crawling through the bricks, cobble stone floors with etchings, and long tables in the barrel rooms make it feel like you've been transported to Europe. When I'm touring or participating in wine education I really like to be comfortable, but not too under dressed. A good mix for the weekend when a sip can turn into a dinner with friends.

| hat - Urban Outfitters | sunglasses - Missoni | blouse - Wilfred FREE by Aritzia | coat- H&M | bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs | jeans - J Brand | ankle boots - Sam Edelman |


Short Days And A Long Jacket

Yes the title of this post is a reference to the Cake song. Now you can hear it in your head, I guarantee it. This Fall I have really stuck to wearing only combinations of wardrobe staples. I haven't gone into any trends, unless we are calling minimalism and basics a trend right now, in which case maybe I am on fleek or whatever that word is. I find it makes it much easier to see what you have to wear and get dressed with ease every morning while still maintaining an air of togetherness. A camel coat is one of my favorite capsule pieces for this time of year and I love mixing fabrics like pairing these silk pants with a chunky knit.
 While we always talk about the classic "Spring cleaning" blitz, I have found it incredibly useful that we just completed a "Fall clean" in our house. Starting with the closets, I took out anything that I knew wouldn't fit Torrey  next Spring, things that were worn out from the Summer, and also items that sat in the closets all Summer but never got worn for one reason or another. Then I put away into storage all those items that I love but truly can't wear until next year when it's warm. Next I pulled the cold weather clothes out of storage and hung up what I loved, took out what I didn't or what didn't fit any more. After taking stock of what we were left with, I made a list of Winter items that we were missing for each of us, and that really helped to streamline our spending.
We didn't stop there though. These moments of cleaning and sorting can be teachable moments if you have kids; and if you don't, you can also stop to think about how much we have and how fortunate we are. Torrey cleaned out his toy bins and selected gently used items that he felt he had outgrown or didn't play with any more. I went through my kitchen and house wares and by the end we had a nice pile of nice things that hopefully will make someone smile that we donated them for the start of the holiday season. Torrey told me that he felt like a magic elf giving his toys away to someone who would enjoy them again, and I agreed. The conversation surrounding the themes of giving to others, and how at the end of the day, it really is mostly just "stuff" is an important one heading into a season that should be less about materialism and spending and more about spending time, and it's one that hopefully we can keep alive all year.

| hat - Urban Outfitters | coat - Pink Martini | sweater - H&M | pants - Club Monaco | heels - TopShop | sunglasses - Missoni | bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs |


WEEKEND WEAR: Fall Wine Tours

Last weekend we took a drive down South to Okanagan Falls, Oliver and Osoyoos. Everything was still really richly colored so it was a visual feast to drive through this lush agricultural region. Since living here in the Okanagan I have embraced wine culture through cooking, pairing, education about the process and most of all that the properties often boast the best views in the area from a public place. I think that whatever city or area you live in you get attached to certain sights and backdrops that never cease to make for a good photo or to remind you how much you love where you live over and over again. Seeing people's favorite places show cased through blogging or Instagram is the best part of social media; traveling through your country via photos from one anothers' view point.
So for our family, we spend a lot of time at wineries taking photos and enjoying the grounds because they always provide inspiration and a great mix of architecture, history, and agriculture. Here we are at Burrowing Owl; one of my favorite wineries just outside of Osoyoos. Here's hoping the weather holds so we can enjoy the colors for a few more weeks before starting to think about the holdiay season!

| hat - Urban Outfitters | sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs | sweater - Winners (recent) | jeans - TopShop | boots - Sam Edelman |