Among The Blossoms

The warmth has returned to our corner of the world here in the Okanagan. Seemingly over night the landscape has transformed with lush greens and splashes of colors across the hills. Every year I seem to underestimate the splendor of this event, where nature puts forth it's boldest display with fresh blooms. It draws hope for change and renewed vigor out of me, without directly asking for it; it's just a gift that is opening itself.
Driving home with my son yesterday evening, the sun was setting, casting long golden light over the orchards, the blossoms seemed alight; perched on the ends of the branches delicately. Torrey stretched his hand out of the open window and exclaimed with delight that he could hear the flowers singing. My concrete adult sensibilities momentarily smirked at this declaration, however this was quickly replaced with a tear behind my sunglasses.

"The earth has music for those who listen" - William Shakespeare 

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I've Got My Tight Pants On

Just in case the title reference is meaningless to you; do yourself a laugh and watch the latest installment of Tight Pants here. I bought these running tights from Aritzia recently and I loved the sheer panels not only for venting but for adding visual interest. They are not for everyone mind you, but they are truly comfortable and I feel like because they are a little bit different than your standard black legging I can wear them different ways. So far they have taken me on the swings, 15km up a mountain, to brunch, and some amateur pole dancing (inside joke, see Instagram for my pro spin).

Since having Torrey, I am even more of a proponent for dressing to match what your day brings. I told myself that while I firmly believe that having children doesn't mean you have to abandon your body or style, I never want to be the parent that isn't participating in things with him because I am trying to be stylish. It's a juggling act to find the balance of honoring yourself and honoring your child, but it's crucial not to forget either person.

I am so looking forward to beginning Spring this weekend with family and delving into this new season with a surge of energy; I get the sense that important things are coming with the sun.

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Hashtag Goals

You all know how I like to get on my box (not sure if it's a soap box, but any box that makes you taller will do nicely) and talk about goals and motivation. I was thinking about it again as I completed a difficult run yesterday morning. Motivation is a tricky little jerk to keep in your pocket at all times; I've also mentioned recently that there also isn't one formula for creating or increasing it purely due to vast psychological differences from person to person. What's pushing my buttons for success could be a disaster for you. However, what opening up a dialogue with myself about setting goals and now with you has done is allow me to really identify false sources of inspiration and yank them out of my garden like weeds before I spend any energy tending them.

Social media is completely rife with opportunities to put yourself in a CONSTANT state of comparison to others. If you're not aware of how insecure this can make you feel about the status of your own goals, the process of continually perusing other people's bodies, beautiful homes, new clothing, shockingly romantic husbands, etc. can be thoroughly unhealthy for your motivation and satisfaction. Enter phrases like FOMO (fear of missing out), GAF (Goals as Fuck), relationship goals, body goals, squad goals (the list goes on), which inherently imply that viewing social media posts is creating an anxiety in yourself that you aren't doing enough or being enough.

I don't think you need to necessarily go and pull the plug on all your social media apps and sit in isolation; I certainly haven't and that isn't the world we live in. What I have done is stopped putting emotional stock in what are very often carefully crafted images/videos and allow myself to enjoy them without self comparison. When I feel that twinge of dissatisfaction creeping up, we can take a step back and look inwards, remembering that your GOALS AS F*CK should be only the ones you have set for yourself.

PS. Sorry I look like I am part of an 80's biker gang in these photos. Actually, maybe I am not.

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WEEKEND WEAR: Shades Of Black

It was definitely one of those weeks where it needed to be Friday far before Friday actually came along,

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Pastel Layering

Oh HEY, March. In this area at least, we were all getting lulled into a false sense of complacency with the weather and we were cured of that notion with a great deal of snow yesterday. Wah-Wah. We are all getting together for a girls weekend in Kelowna this coming Friday and I am rethinking my bare-legged ensembles. However, at what point do you just decide to throw caution and metaphorical fingers up and admonish Winter until it shrinks out of sight?

I've attempted to leak my pastels and colors back into my wardrobe slowly; to be quite clear pastels belong NO where near my face which is it's custom pastel at this stage but I've got tulips in my house and pink on my body. So what, who cares?

I love when I drive around with my mom, deciding on a location to take photos and something just really stands out to you. This old truck sits at the entrance to one of our local (and organic!) wineries (where else?) in West Kelowna, Off The Grid. After we edited the photos, we realized that my palette unintentionally reflected the truck's. Excited for the coming weeks when the landscape will come alive with color; hopefully my skin will follow suit.

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