Easter In The Orchard

Happy Easter everyone! My mom took these photos at the orchard just up the street from our house last weekend. Since then so many more blossoms have come out so we may just have to go for a drive tomorrow down the South Okanagan and take more. 

I feel like Easter holds fantastic memories and traditions for families and it's another holiday that we are trying to create traditions for Torrey based on what I remember doing as a child. When we were little my mom's parents would drive out to a provincial campground and they would arrive prior to us, hide everything, and then drive away so that we thought they came after us. It always blew our minds to find all these tiny treats in the forest. My dad would even warm some eggs up in his hand and then put them back down indicating that the Easter Bunny had just been there. Then we would roast hotdogs and marshmallows and go for a long walk all around the park. Whatever your family and friends do, I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

| Torrey's clothes - H&M | bunnies - Jelly Cat via Chapters/Indigo | baskets - Home Sense | dress - Joe Fresh | sandals - Michael by Micheal Kors | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe |


Field Of (Pastel) Dreams

Welcome to Spring 2015 everyone! Depending on what area of the country you are in, maybe you can't quite claim that you feel Spring has embraced you yet, but its coming! Here in the Okanagan we are well on our way to flowers and leaves; the rain this week should help. I feel like everything is on the verge of bursting and we can't wait to get cherry blossom photos in the orchards this weekend.
I am also excited to dig the softer things out of my wardrobe. I love pastels but in the Winter they just make me look so faded. Not that I have a tan quite yet, but the self-glow applications have commenced and I feel like MAYBE I can wear light pink now. With Easter right around the corner I think this is the outfit that I will wear for brunch next weekend, minus the adventure hat of course. If it were for a dinner you could swap out the scarf for a pretty necklace to make it even less casual!

| jacket - Vero Moda (recent from Winners) | scarf - Aritzia | tank - Joe Fresh | jeans - Juicy Couture | watch - Micheal Kors | shoes - TopShop | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe | hat - Urban Outfitters | 


Springy Stripes

| dress, scarf, jacket - Joe Fresh | bag - Rebecca Minkoff | heels - TopShop | 


WEEKEND WEAR: Leopard Blues

Turns out I unintentionally matched the landscape in this outfit! Most of our snow is gone so it feels like the leaves are just playing it safe and waiting to burst out in the next few weeks. I can't lie, it feels great to be somewhat comfortable in a lighter jacket and a sweater. This weekend I am going to drag out my Spring and Summer bins of clothing and take inventory...you know, just to see what I need this year haha. Because, hey Winter: we have all BIN there, done that. I hope Winter releases it's grip on the rest of Canada soon, for everyone's mental health and also for safety. Some of the storms have been pretty devastating, especially in rural areas so my family and friends out there have been in my thoughts constantly.
On a lighter note, I just got this leopard scarf from Joe Fresh. I am a big believer in scarves for their ability to pull an outfit together or add a focal point of interest for not much money. Apparently I love them so  much I now have 7 leopard scarves. Whoops! Have a great weekend!

| scarf - Joe Fresh | hat - Urban Outfitters | jacket - Sunday Best by Aritzia | sweater - TNA by Aritzia | jeans - Anine Bing via Eluxe | boots - Sam Edelman | bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs |


Make Me Blush

Happy Friday everyone! This week in BC it was a short one due to our holiday Family Day and now we get another day to celebrate everyone we love tomorrow. Torrey asked if  I would be his BALENTINES and take him for frozen yogurt so of course I said yes! I think he dropped some hints earlier in the week with tulips, pink Smarties, and a card haha (thanks family). Hopefully Valentine's Day can be a day not about expectations, but about giving to our family and friends, whoever that may be for you!
My sweet mom just gave me this blush jacket to celebrate getting a new job that starts soon and the color is the perfect way to take your clothes from Winter to Spring. It goes with almost everything! Have a beautiful weekend!

| jacket - Vero Moda | blouse - H&M | jeans, heels - TopShop | hat - Urban Outfitters | bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs |