Beachy and Bright

I admittedly haven't been posting much this Summer, simply because I am trying to use any time off or holidays I get to enjoy my family and friends and this great place we live in. I think it's important to remember that you can unplug, live, enjoy and not document everything or make everything into a photo shoot. Your spirit documents it and you will remember how you felt in those special moments.

 I have embraced three things this Summer to spend less time getting ready and more time out there doing things. The first one is air-drying instead of hair-drying. There are some great sea salt sprays out there no matter what your budget. Mine is infused with coconut oil and also lemon to lighten your hair as it dries. Leave your hair down or wrap it in a bun all day and untie it later for great waves with no heat styling.
The second is wearing single items of clothing. Rompers or dresses (I love both), grab one and go. Wear with flats during the day and toss some nicer sandals in your bag if you think you might hit a patio later.
Number three, is the 5 minute make up routine. Even though I wear sunscreen, I still look more alive and bronzed at this time of year so I have been keeping it natural. I mix in highlighter and bronzer into my moisturizer, I run a brow mascara through my eyebrows, put on a water proof mascara, and finish with a coral or pink lip gloss that goes with everything. I am investing more time in skin care rather than the actual application of make up; I like to do a mask every week and keep up with toning and gentle exfoliation while it's hot.
So there's three easy things you can do to spend less time in your bathroom and more time getting a jump on the day before it's hot, in a park with your children, or on a beach with a book and your thoughts. I hope everyone is having an amazing Summer!

| dress - Cynthia Rowley via Winners | necklace - Joe Fresh | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe | shoes - Aldo | lipstick - Roman Holiday by NARS | hair - Beach Blonde Salt Spray by John Frieda |


WEEKEND WEAR: Printed Pants

I  love printed, loose fitting pants. I call them my legalized pajamas when I wear them into public. It's hard to get any comfier without looking like you've given up on life. For the Summer I am choosing pants with really bright colors or seasonal prints like palms and pineapples. Put a solid color on top to avoid the look being overwhelming and add a heeled sandal for an easy outfit that can take you lots of places! Have a great weekend everyone!

| hat - Urban Outfitters | blouse - Talula by Aritzia | sandals - Aldo | bag - Rebecca Minkoff | pants, necklace, tassel bracelet - Joe Fresh |


WEEKEND WEAR: Stay-cation

A beautiful weekend to you all! We had our long weekend in Canada this one past and now it's your turn down in the US so I hope everyone had fun! It was also my wonderful momma's birthday last weekend so we spent a good part of the time meandering and cooking and celebrating. I like to make plans but I also believe it's great to just turn your feet or transportation mode to whatever catches your eye. No matter where you are this makes for an organic experience and interesting days/nights. We have been in the Okanagan for close to three years now and we haven't even made a dent in all that there is to see and do. I am loving dressing like you are going on vacation somewhere exotic; it puts you in a great frame of mind even if you only have two days before you work again. Explore your home when you can't leave it!

| hat - Joe Fresh | shorts - Joe Fresh | blouse - Talula by Aritzia | scarf - American Eagle | shoes - Micheal Kors | necklace - Stella and Dot | 


Steffi's Test Kitchen: Simple Mother's Day Brunch

Happy Mother's Day to all the super mommas out there and to all the people in their families and communities that are helping them raise super children; thank you! As a mom, I want to use this day to remind the people who help me so much that I love and appreciate them. We're going to have a simple picnic with some flowers and backyard games.
Line baskets or bowls with parchment paper and fill them with berries and fresh baguette, and fill bottles with sparkling lemonade or spritzers. We made bundles of local asparagus wrapped in a piece of prosciutto sprinkled with pepper and asiago cheese (10 minutes in the oven at 375) and made a hard boiled egg for each bundle. Spend less time cooking, and more time outside with the people you love. Enjoy the day!

| napkin rings - Chapters, tongs and tassel napkins - Home Sense, paper napkins and berry basket - Superstore |

| striped outdoor rug and chopping block - Superstore, placemats - IKEA, soda bottles - antique from Germany |