Little White Dress

The merits of a little black dress have been highly touted (I think I personally have 6 or 7) but this is the first Summer that I gravitated towards finding a little white one. Maybe it's because I am admittedly not overly girly in my style, however when I saw this dress I really loved the subtle details and beautiful tailoring. Plus it was one HECK of a steal at $36 down from $350 (thanks Winners Runway clearance rack).
I was going to save it for my 30th birthday coming up at the end of August, but I figured this could be my birthday month and I will wear this dress if I want to. My parents took me to Naramata this past weekend for Bard In The Vineyard to see Shakespeare's "12th Night". The performance took place outside in the vineyard against the mountains and while you eat your picnic and drink your wine. Right up my alley and the perfect way to kick off my " birthday month". Of course, we visited some other favorites along the way including Upper Bench Winery that makes it's own lavender cheese that I ate the whole block of before we got home, and Hillside Winery which happened to be playing "Faith" by George Michael when we pulled up. Personal favorite in the song department, therefore dancing required! Have an amazing weekend and maybe bust out some moves!

| dress - Maje | hat - Joe Fresh | sandals - Micheal Kors | bag - Rebecca Minkoff | 


Summer Wedding Dressing

I believe awhile ago on Jimmy Fallon he wrote one of his open letters stating "Thank you, Summer weddings for being the best way to see people sweat in really expensive clothing". Can't say I disagree, however it seems a shame to be inside when the Summer surrounds us with beautiful outdoor things. In the Okanagan it's pretty much guaranteed that you are going to attend at least one wedding at an outdoor venue (most likely a winery) so here's a few ways you can combat the swelter without looking like a wilted bouquet (men included here).

1. Find out what the dress code is ahead of time. Just how formal do you have to be? As a guy can you get away with a short sleeve shirt, shorts and a sport coat? As a girl can you wear a cocktail dress instead of something long if it's going to be hot. Get the scoop and plan from there.

2. Wear light colors, or if you are feeling brave wear black, but don't do in the middle if only for cosmetic reasons that in photos all people will see is your various sweat stains.

3. Choose pieces that are comfortable and that breath. Silks, cottons, and linens all work. Synthetics tend not to breath unless they are perforated in which case why are you wearing a polyester perforated dress to a wedding and what kind of wedding is it? Jk.

4. Pack a survival kit for being outdoors. Wear your hair up to begin with or bring hair spray, hair powder, elastics and pins if it gets unruly. Have blotting tissues and key makeup items for touch ups, deodorant, and thermal water to spray your face and pH balanced water to drink to stay hydrated.

5. Rose isn't water but have some anyways because it sure is nice and cold and delicious! Have fun!

| silk floral dress - Cynthia Rowley | bag - Rebecca Minkoff | earrings - Stella and Dot | necklace - Joe Fresh | sandals - Michael Kors | lipgloss - Tasmania by NARS | 


(long) WEEKEND WEAR: City Staples

When I make little runs into the city for a weekend or even a day I like to make sure I feel un-fussy, light and comfortable. I try to create an outfit that could easily go from one activity to another kind without many adjustments and that makes packing light as well. These cotton stretch pants roll up or down, my tee is paper thin, and my blazer cuts out wind or chill which you take off if you got too hot . If you're going for a flat shoe I also try to go for one that has some interest to it. I just picked up these croc print leather slips ons which go a bit farther style wise than a running shoe. Lastly I layer dainty jewelry that won't weigh on you after walking or exploring, and I bring sunglasses and suncreen too of course! Pack one more thin tee, a scarf, and some dressier foot wear and you can mix and match for a few days...and mix in  your shopping purchases too. Win-win! Enjoy your August long!

| aviators - Joe Fresh | t-shirt - Monrow | blazer - Talula by Aritzia | pants - J Brand | watch - Coach | shoes - Winners | bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs | necklace - local artisan | 


Beachy and Bright

I admittedly haven't been posting much this Summer, simply because I am trying to use any time off or holidays I get to enjoy my family and friends and this great place we live in. I think it's important to remember that you can unplug, live, enjoy and not document everything or make everything into a photo shoot. Your spirit documents it and you will remember how you felt in those special moments.

 I have embraced three things this Summer to spend less time getting ready and more time out there doing things. The first one is air-drying instead of hair-drying. There are some great sea salt sprays out there no matter what your budget. Mine is infused with coconut oil and also lemon to lighten your hair as it dries. Leave your hair down or wrap it in a bun all day and untie it later for great waves with no heat styling.
The second is wearing single items of clothing. Rompers or dresses (I love both), grab one and go. Wear with flats during the day and toss some nicer sandals in your bag if you think you might hit a patio later.
Number three, is the 5 minute make up routine. Even though I wear sunscreen, I still look more alive and bronzed at this time of year so I have been keeping it natural. I mix in highlighter and bronzer into my moisturizer, I run a brow mascara through my eyebrows, put on a water proof mascara, and finish with a coral or pink lip gloss that goes with everything. I am investing more time in skin care rather than the actual application of make up; I like to do a mask every week and keep up with toning and gentle exfoliation while it's hot.
So there's three easy things you can do to spend less time in your bathroom and more time getting a jump on the day before it's hot, in a park with your children, or on a beach with a book and your thoughts. I hope everyone is having an amazing Summer!

| dress - Cynthia Rowley via Winners | necklace - Joe Fresh | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via Eluxe | shoes - Aldo | lipstick - Roman Holiday by NARS | hair - Beach Blonde Salt Spray by John Frieda |