After a bit of an unfruitful week in the way of blogging...Blogger mysteriously deleted 5 drafted posts I had, my memory card with my Christmas and New Years photos on it decided to unformat itself and deleted said photos...I realized that unfortunately I didn't have time to redo all of those things with work and Christmas.
That being said; it was really nice to just take a step back and just let it go over my holiday. I was thinking lots about all of the people who went without heat and power over the holiday due to weather and my heart went out to them. However, that also led me to think about those who never have heat or power, during holidays, bad weather, or at any other time. Hopefully the message and spirit of Christmas can be remembered the year through that no one was ever made poor by giving their energy and resources to those who have less presently.
So although this outfit is not in any way festive; it sure is comfortable (what's better really than an oversized, softer than soft sweatshirt?!), and that is exactly what I have been wearing this holiday while I enjoy the company of friends and family! I hope yours was comfortable too!

 | sweatshirt - Aimee Song for Eluxe.ca | scarf, hat, jacket - Joe Fresh | leggings - Awfully Pretty | shoes - vintage Converse | bag -3.1 Philip Lim for Target |


  1. Great look Steph! I love those Converse! Happy Holidays xo


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  3. looking awesome madam,your Bag is superb

  4. This dress was awesome and it definitely looked way more expensive than what I actually paid. I would recommend buying it even if you don't have an occasion yet. It's such a good value for the price!


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