Picnic Pretty

One of the hallmarks of Summer for me is eating al fresco. It just feels right to eat what's fresh and eat it outside. It feels even better when you manage to create your picnic using products from your local market or general store. I am on a little holiday right now and tomorrow is Canada day (and we will be having a picnic or 3) so I shot a little picnic post last weekend with my parents.

It doesn't take a lot to make your picnic pretty so when I pack up I enjoy the process of imagining that I am setting my table, only outdoors. If prep is required I do it at home in the kitchen and then pack it up, but I tend to stick to foods that can be placed out on a board or in a bowl as is like berries, cheese, cold veggies and a baguette or crackers. I also like to use half frozen bottles of water for ice in the picnic basket; by the time you get to your destination you can eat the cold food and drink the cold water!

Lastly, I  make sure that I pack dinner ware that's appropriate for the destination; here we were at a rock beach so I kept everything paper and plastic (bring a bag to recycle and clean up)! My whole family loves extending the amazing summer days by having our meals outside, so make pretty picnics a frequent part of your summer experience this year!

| dress - Wilfred by Aritzia | sandals - Marc Fisher | beach ball, towel - Target | goblets, picnic bag, straws, basket liners, napkins - Oh Joy for Target | plates - IKEA | board, knife - Home Sense | 


  1. Oooh! Dying over most of that stuff but particularly the pineapple napkins!

    Happy Canada Day!


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  3. This is what summer is all about!
    Plus it doesn't hurt to look fabulous doing it!

    xo, K

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